Escape Game ”Perfect“ Versus Game, TeamEscape. Berlin.
Escape Game ”Perfect“ Versus Game, TeamEscape. Berlin.
Escape Game ”Perfect“ Versus Game, TeamEscape. Berlin.

Escape Game ”Perfect“ Versus Game

Players 7—12 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 20—27 € per player

About the game ”Perfect“ Versus Game

In case of the "perfect" versus game 7-12 people - split into 2 teams and 2 identical rooms – compete against each other and try to reveal the room's secret before the other team does. As a result of that you book both rooms A and B named above for the same time slot and can then split into teams after your arrival. Compete against each other and experience TeamEscape in its finest way. This is the most perfect and fairest TeamEscape experience you can get.
Rumors go around that the bank director of the prestigious Parker & Sons Bank harbors a dark secret. Supposedly it is has to do with exploitation, slavery, civil wars and other dishonorable business in Africa. The Blood Diamonds of Rabuun are probably in his possession, and would be the ultimate proof of his guilt. Your mission is to find the Blood Diamonds of Rabuun at the director’s office and recover them as evidence. But beware, because if the rumors are true, you should not better get caught by the director. Who knows what he's capable of.

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Address escape game ”Perfect“ Versus Game

Berlin, Zimmerstr. 90 10117 Berlin
+49(0) 1 ... Show phone number

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